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      1. Cash network system

        • Operating principle

          Therefore, the "big data-based utility management platform" is based on the financial Internet of things technology: the cash-caption number data is passed through The sensor of financial equipment is acquired, uploaded to the data transfer node through the Internet of Things technology, and uploaded by the transit node of the data to the "Big Data-Based Utilities Management Platform" via the Internet.

        • Golden net guards

          Victoria Financial Network Guardian is a banknote counting machine designed for bank assistant software, this software can be on the Internet of things with A-point currency detector display content can be synchronized on the computer record and display through the monitor, the recorded data , Can carry on the statistics, the upload and the permission inquiry.


          Wei Rong a new generation of business with super IOT function of the A-level point Detector, the link "Victoria Rongguan Guardian" software to use, they enter the network Dianchapu procedures, the point of all the counterfeit detector money counter device with the Internet Together, it forms a huge network of points for checking money, monitoring, counterfeit currency tracking, and banknote circulation management.
        • Cash tracing
          Users can use this application for a variety of coin inquiries, by the banknote crown query or banknote scanning query to see the flow of banknotes and determine the authenticity of banknotes.